How People Get into Voicemail Systems

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Have you ever wanted to get into someone’s voicemail without them knowing about it? 

Voicemail Hacking

You may want to listen to someone’s voicemail because you are suspicious of a rival, suspecting a lover of cheating on you, or just plain curious.

Spoofcard Hack Voicemail Systems

A service called SpoofCard allows you to change what a person sees on their caller id when they receive a phone call.   This SpoofCard service allows you to MAKE ANY PHONE NUMBER APPEAR on the caller id of the person that you are calling, CHANGE YOUR VOICE to sound like a man or a woman, digitally record your calls, and even GAIN ACCESS TO OTHER PEOPLE’S VOICEMAIL!

Spoofcard Website Hack Voicemail


If you want to get into someone’s voicemail with SpoofCard simply enter their phone number as the number you wish to call and provide the exact same number as the number you wish to appear on the caller id.

Spoofcard Hack Voicemail Systems

Their voicemail system will think that the call is being made from the home phone number or cellphone and pass you directly into the voicemail.

Cellphone Caller ID

This SpoofCard trick works especially well on cellphone voicemail systems. I have found that AT&T, Sprint, Boost Mobile, Cingular Wireless, and T-Mobile USA telephone networks use Caller ID to identify voicemail users without requiring passwords. So users on these networks are totally vulnerable to this trick.

Spoofcard Voicemail Paris Hilton Lindsay Lohan

There was even an article two years ago talking about how Paris Hilton got into trouble for using SpoofCard to break into Lindsay Lohan’s voicemail. Paris also used SpoofCard to make harassing calls and made them appear to be made from Lindsay’s cellphone.

Read this article by clicking here.

Paris Hilton Voicemail Hack

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Comment by Julie
2009-07-20 17:02:52

Awesome! This trick really gives you a big advantage because most people do not know about it yet and would never know how or that you would be able to get into their voicemail. You should actually keep this one a secret.

Comment by monique
2009-07-20 20:29:40

i tried to use the spoofcard to listen to voicemails and could not place the call….can anyone tell me how to get around this.

Comment by steve-o
2009-07-20 22:37:40

monique, how didn’t it work?

you need to call the 888 number, enter your pin, and then make the number that appears on your caller id the same as the number you are calling. it’s that simple!

don’t try to use their web interface (it won’t work), just use the 888 access number (and it will work).

so what happened? sometimes people put passcodes on their voicemail that they are required to enter each time, but 99% of the people do not and have voicemail that’s easy to hack using the methods above.

Comment by Matt
2009-08-09 09:03:35

Hey Steve-O. Tried to call the toll free number they gave me on the site with a free 5 minute PIN that I got for a tweet. The site said that my account is not activated and when I tried to activate it it said that I had reached my throttle limited and to contact support. Since the account wasn’t activated yet I had a 1 credit limit and the toll free number uses 1 credit and I assume it is in addition to the normal 1 credit for the call. Is this my problem? Will this work if I call the California number provided or JUST with the toll free? Also…the toll free number they gave me isn’t 888 it is 866.967.6594. Do you have another I should try? Thanks!

Comment by steve-o
2009-08-10 17:18:54

You may need more than one credit to make the call. Try purchasing a card on one of the links or banners above.

I use a different access number to make my calls, its (888) 776-6350. This is the access number that you will need to use with your pin once you purchase minutes from SpoofCard.

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Comment by alo
2010-01-09 08:30:54

i tried this and it didn’t work is this a scam

Comment by Victor
2009-07-20 22:42:53

This is Great! I have not tried this for a long time, but I used to use it all the time back when I was suspicious of my EX-GF. I totally caught her doing things she wasn’t supposed to and she totally got owned!

Comment by Colleen
2011-04-18 20:54:33

Spying ass. Just leave someone when you dont trust them. You dont spy on them. It is a terrible invasion of privacy and is sickening

Comment by etta
2011-09-14 16:06:13

oh please! get a life…when there are people who think they’re getting over you…you need to show that you’re not the one!

Comment by Alan
2009-07-21 05:12:54

it works!!! i hacked into this chick that i like’s voicemail and i got in, hack voicemail!!! this so rules!!! bitchin!!!

Comment by danielle
2009-09-11 00:25:37

i keep trying this and it dosen’t work. when i re enter the same number it says this is ristricted and i’ve tryed it with several numbers. how did you do it?

Comment by Mary Anne
2009-09-11 07:00:09

I just got it to work.

Comment by Kioken
2010-11-10 04:01:15

Help I just purchase an account but don’t know how to use it. when I dial the vm it’s asking me for the password, which ofcourse I don’t have.

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Comment by Stacey
2009-07-21 22:24:39

Wow!!! This is so evil… I used Spoofcard to call a girl and make it seem like it was her worst enemy with the caller id. I did this repeatedly until they got into a HUGE FIGHT. They had no idea who started so much shit!!!

Comment by dennis
2009-07-23 19:53:16

just tried and got into my girl’s voice mail… nuttin good yet, just a bunch of old vms. some of ones that i left for her several weeks ago. crazy that she kept em. great idea, thanks fer sharing.

Comment by Colleen
2011-04-18 21:05:17

You pathetic worm. I have had this done to me and it is a terrible invasion of privacy and makes you feel violated. I dont trust anyone now and I feel unsafe in every mode of communication because of a prick just like you. Leave someone when you dont trust them. The one snooping is usually the one doing wrong. You worm

Comment by BK
2009-07-24 00:05:57

Interesting and yet I am wondering if it is legalized to do something like this. And also if it is a right thing to do to ply into someone’s privacy; it will be scary to know that people can be using this to check on everyone else voicemail.

Comment by Curtis
2009-07-24 05:03:03

Fuck it! Privacy doesn’t exist any more even the authorities snoop more than you know! Screw it, if they (others) can snoop, than so can I.

Comment by sara
2009-07-25 15:30:58

keuhl! i just got into my mans voicemail and got some dirt on him

Comment by Charlie
2009-07-27 05:38:19

Thanks a lot, Asshole!

Someone is getting into my voicemail now and messing with me using a service like this.

That’s not fair, they shouldn’t be able to invade my privacy, delete my voicemails, and harass me by faking their caller id number.

This should be illegal!

Comment by Bethany
2009-07-30 08:40:11

Just stay out of other people’s private voicemail and mind your own fucking business. Jesus Goddamn Christ, can’t anyone have any privacy?!?

Comment by mike
2009-07-30 08:43:19

hacking voicemail is definitely not a new concept. i have been doing it ever since cell phones with voicemail came out. i can hack into almost anyone’s voicemail.

Comment by Cole
2009-07-30 08:50:19

Hey Mike, can you hack into the voicemail of my girlfriend?

Comment by JV
2009-08-09 00:10:24

yes mike can u assist me …I am trying to hack my dad’s vm he has verizon…

Comment by Katie
2009-08-22 01:03:21

Please tell me how to hack into voicemail. I tried to use the spoofcard, but it won’t let me enter the same number as caller id and number I’m calling. Please let me know if i am doing something wrong. thanks!

Comment by mike
2009-08-22 02:56:44

it should work, i just tried it out and i was able to hack into my best friend’s voicemail. what is the access number that you are using?

Comment by cathrine
2010-08-13 16:50:12

how do you get into peoples viocemail pls let me know

Comment by michael
2010-09-28 04:16:38

Can you help me hack into tmobile voicemail. Would love to hear what the real truth is.

Comment by Mari
2009-08-02 02:21:37

I have tried to hack into my BF’s AT&T voice mail using the spoof card…however, when I enter his number to appear on his caller id, and it places the call I can’t access the voice mail because it says that I need to enter his pin code….help!!!!

Other numbers work and I get into the voicemail directly without having to enter any pin code…. what is up?

Comment by jeff
2009-08-02 19:23:21

You can’t hack into his voicemail if he has a passcode set on his voicemail box, unless you know and enter the passcode. 98% of people do not have a passcode on their voicemail but 2% do and they always have to enter a passcode before accessing their own voicemail. I hope this helps.

Comment by Kelli
2009-08-07 00:52:50

Mine says it is a private number and it won’t let me is there any way around that/???

Comment by victor
2009-08-07 17:34:32

Is this a cell phone voicemail or a land line voice mail? Also, what carrier are they using? You will be able to get in provided they don’t have their voicemail box secured with a 4-digit pin.

Comment by JV
2009-08-09 00:07:17

I am having issues trying to use this service….every time I dial the number it says it is restricted…please help….

Comment by steve-o
2009-08-10 17:20:46

Try using the access number (888) 776-6350 to place the call using your SpoofCard pin.

Comment by MS
2009-08-16 18:51:41

I’m trying to listen to someone’s voicemail but every-time i put their number in as number to be displayed it says its restricted and i tried the number they gave me and the number you suggested and its still not working…

Comment by Ryan
2009-08-16 20:14:44

Try getting into a different number (like your own) and see if it works. It worked when I tried it.

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Comment by TM
2009-10-08 18:01:34

The number works and i tested on my own phone but the phone started ringing. Any way to go straight to VM using this method?

Comment by TJ Smith
2009-10-08 22:26:27

If the phone whose voicemail you are trying to get into is “on” then it will ring a few times before you get into their voicemail system.

If the phone is “off” then it will go straight into their voicemail without ringing.

I use this trick to break into my girlfriend’s voicemail while she is at work. She normally shuts her cell phone off while she is at work.

But the other day she left her phone on and when I tried to get into her voicemail, she answered the phone after the second ring. So I hung up.

I called back two other times and the third time she didn’t answer it and let it go to her voicemail. I got into her voicemail after it had rung 7-8 times and was able to listen to her messages without her knowing it.

However, when I got home that night she told me that she had received several phone calls from her own cell number!!!

She asked me how that was possible and thought that either her cell phone or the network was broken.

So next time I will only do this trick when I know her phone is shut off to avoid suspicion.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by vinnie jones
2011-01-25 14:10:59

You need to call direct to her vm access # or what is known as the pilot #. You can usually find that number by calling *#61# “dial” from their phone when they are not around. The number that shows up on the phone after calling this # is the pilot # for their phone

Comment by framirez
2009-08-14 17:10:35

i want to listne tom my husbands voicemail but he has a password. i entered the his number and the number to be displayed so that it can take me to the voicemail system but it sai that the number was restricted. how can i do this but be able to get to his voicemail.. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by abby
2009-08-14 19:32:32

you will need to figure out his voicemail password, which is usually a 4-digit pin number. try using his ATM pin number or numbers you think that he might pick, ie last four of his social, date of birth, or a phone number that he would remember. if you can’t guess his 4-digit pin, try to watch him enter it in.

Comment by seth
2009-08-19 04:44:00

lord have mercy does paris hilton look hot in that outfit. god damn! i would love to lick every inch of her. :-P mmmm so tasty!

Comment by ellie petralia
2009-08-20 11:47:57

I need to listen to my boyfriends ex’s voicemail.

Comment by Colin
2009-08-23 00:13:38

How do you put a password on your voicemail to prevent people from hacking into your voicemail?

Some bitch hacked into my voicemail and deleted all my messages even ones that I had saved for months. How can I trace this to see who did it?

You people need to respect people’s privacy and mind your own business.

Comment by carrie
2009-09-02 08:33:06

Im trying to break into my (soon to be ex-husband)voicemail but I cant seem to get in! He has verizon wrless and he never let me see or know his passcode. How do I get in?? need to know if hes cheating on me and see if this is the reason we are getting divorced. Please help!!

Comment by jeff
2009-09-02 17:38:04

if he has a passcode set then you will not be able to break into his voicemail unless you know his 4-digit passcode.

99% of people DO NOT have passcodes on their voicemail because it’s a hassle for them to type that in everytime they want to check their voicemail.

the trick above works for all voicemails which are not passcode protected. based on the number of voicemail boxes that i have broken into i would say that only 1% actually have passcodes.

Comment by bob
2009-12-02 07:09:25

a hassle? it take an entire 5 seconds to put in that code. i think thats bs. maybe 99% of the ppl that you call, but EVERYONE i know that has a cell phone has a pass code on their voice mail. and depending on their provider, it can be more then 4 digits. i have at&t and mine is 5

the only ppls mail you are gonna be able to get into are ppl that are dumb enough not to have a pass code on it. if theyre that careless, then they deserve it. if you think or know that they have a code on their mail, then dont even bother trying any of this unless you think you can guess their code.

Comment by Kevin
2009-09-20 07:24:21

How can I prevent my voicemail from being hacked? Someone keeps getting into my voicemail and they listen to my messages, delete my messages, and even change my greeting. This should be illegal, it’s an invasion of my privacy. I called up T-Mobile but they were no help and denied that anyone could possibly hack my voicemail, but the definitely did!

Comment by philip
2009-09-22 17:31:23

is hacking into people’s voicemail using this method illegal? is there any way to get caught and then into trouble as a result of using this trick to get into someone’s voicemail? Anyone?

Comment by TM
2009-10-08 18:02:15

Comment by TM
2009-10-08 18:01:34

The number works and i tested on my own phone but the phone started ringing. Any way to go straight to VM using this method?

Comment by TJ Smith
2009-10-08 22:33:07

If the phone whose voicemail you are trying to get into is “on” then it will ring a few times before you get into their voicemail system.

If the phone is “off” then it will go straight into their voicemail without ringing.

I use this trick to break into my girlfriend’s voicemail while she is at work. She normally shuts her cell phone off while she is at work.

But the other day she left her phone on and when I tried to get into her voicemail, she answered the phone after the second ring. So I hung up.

I called back two other times and the third time she didn’t answer it and let it go to her voicemail. I got into her voicemail after it had rung 7-8 times and was able to listen to her messages without her knowing it.

However, when I got home that night she told me that she had received several phone calls from her own cell number!!!

She asked me how that was possible and thought that either her cell phone or the network was broken.

So next time I will only do this trick when I know her phone is shut off to avoid suspicion.

Comment by Cindy
2009-10-15 23:50:26

I just used the above method to get into several people’s voicemails today. Thanks so much for this fantastic idea!

Comment by Evonne
2009-10-16 04:57:33

How do you protect your voicemail from people trying to get in and listen to your messages?

Comment by jenny
2009-10-20 15:20:28

it doesnt work it still ask for password

Comment by megan
2009-10-20 17:35:26

hey jenny, this trick only works for people whose voicemail is not password protected.

it basically fakes the caller id on the voicemail system into thinking that the call was made from the cell phone (or landline) handset and therefore you are given immediate access to the voicemail system.

so if the person can access their cell phone voicemail from their cell phone without entering a passcode then this will work.

if they are required to enter a passcode to gain access to their voicemail, then you cannot access their voicemail unless you know their passcode.

Comment by Wendy
2009-10-22 06:03:20

First off this is illegal. Did you people not read the lady that just got busted for this was arrested.. Second off get a frikkin life..WTH is your friends, your fathers, etc.. business have to do with you. If they want you to know what is going on with them, they will tell you. If you suspect your bf/gf is cheating on you, ask them, or break the F**k up with them.If they are going to do it, they are going to do it. Nothing you can do to stop it. Gessshh I would be willing to bet if you found out someone was doing this to you, you’d be pissed off and feel completely violated. You people who are sitting here trying to figure this out so they can do it, are pathetic, pittiful, wasting your time, and life worrying about what everyone else is doing.. All of you including Paris Hilton should feel like chit about yourselves and your lives.. Grow the F up. and become a productive part of society.. Good Lord ya’ll need help..

Comment by Kayla
2009-10-22 17:42:45

Wow, what a lengthy and well-thought comment! I would bet anything that Wendy is one of those people who will immediately go out and listen to other people’s voicemail, but will never admit it!

Comment by lea
2009-10-25 21:42:50

i cant get it to work i tried it on myself and it showed up as my number calling me…..its going to get me caught any suggestions?

Comment by Brian
2009-10-26 17:19:00

If you want to try it on yourself then use a different phone. Duh!!! For example, if you want to hack your own cell phone voicemail, then do it from your landline.

Don’t try to hack the voicemail that you are calling from the same phone that you are trying to hack!!!

Yes, if you try this and your cellphone is on, it will show up as though a call is being made to your cellphone from your cellphone. Don’t answer it and let it go to your voicemail and whola! You will be instantly connected to your voicemail.

You will not get into trouble for doing this.

Comment by Amy
2009-11-17 06:49:19

When you enter someones voicemail box is it possible for them to hear the messages being played over their cellphone?

Comment by Ben
2009-11-18 19:12:51

No it’s not. When you play their messages remotely, they will NOT hear them or know that you are listening to them.

Be sure to either delete or mark the messages as new or else they will be flagged as “saved messages” and they will wonder about them the next time they check their voicemail, because they will not remember hearing these messages.

Comment by Cassidy
2009-12-08 00:25:09

It doesn’t work for voicemail. I tried this as a ‘test’ on 3 friends that are not prompted to enter their passwords on their handsets when dialing voicemail…and it won’t work. I was still asked to enter a password. They all have tmobile btw. So thank goodness our privacy isn’t invaded afterall.

Comment by Ben
2009-12-08 18:35:37

That’s funny because I always use this trick to listen to my girlfriend’s voicemail on T-Mobile without her knowing about it. I use this to get into her voicemail everyday and it does work for me.

Comment by dlilbunnyfufu
2009-12-20 03:24:47

ive tried this with the spoofcard but it only placese the wont go to his voicemail box or anything.what do i do?

Comment by Karla
2009-12-21 05:10:38

You need to call a phone number and make the number that you are calling the same as the number you want to appear on the caller id. Doing this will connect you directly to the voicemail.

Comment by steve mandak
2009-12-20 17:12:13

does it work on verizon touch phones?

Comment by Karla
2009-12-21 05:10:59

Yes, it should work fine.

Comment by steve
2009-12-22 15:42:26

Can you help me with it?

Comment by Layla Downs
2010-01-04 02:18:19

Someone has hacked into my voicemail and somehow has listened to messages that I sent to someone else on the same network (AT&T). How is that possible? I know you can check whether a recipient has received a message you sent them and it will play back the message if it hasn’t been heard yet, but wouldn’t they need to know the phone number of the recipient in order to check? And if the recipient had already listened to the message and saved it I didn’t think there was a way to listen to a saved message in someone’s elses voicemail box even if you were the person who sent? does anyone have a clue?

Comment by chloe
2010-01-04 21:48:22

it sounds like they used the spoofcard trick above to hack into your voicemail box. once they have access to your voicemail they can check all new, saved, and sent voice messages that you have in your voicemail box.

all they need to know is your phone number to use the trick above to break into your voicemail.

if they listen to your voice messages and find that a caller from xxx number sent your a voicemail, they can use the trick above to get into this person’s voicemail as well.

Comment by sarah
2010-01-09 05:23:36

I tried to hacked to my friend VM just to see how it works and her phone was on so after it ring it went strength to her VM and asked me to leave a voice mail for her but i want to listen not leave voice mail lol pleaseee any suggestion?

Comment by alo
2010-01-09 19:24:12

does this mean that the person has a 4 dig code on their vm?

Comment by jeff
2010-01-10 04:33:10

you didn’t do the trick right! you need to make sure that you use your friend’s number *both* as the number to call AND the number which appears on the caller id.

if you do this right, it will say something along the lines “you have 2 new messages” when her voicemail does answer.

Comment by Brian
2010-01-10 04:38:24

Paris Hilton is so hot in that picture above. I wish she’d wear that outfit for me when she’s all hot and sweaty so that I could lick every inch of sweat off her sexy body!

Comment by ken
2010-03-01 17:13:43

this must be how my ex-girlfriend is getting into my voicemail. this explains so much!

Comment by jasmine
2010-07-02 19:00:32

is that for real? i want to listen to my boyfriends voicemail. the reviews seemed so mixed…

Comment by Brian
2010-07-05 16:14:28

This trick works on AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. I only sometimes works on Version and never on Singular.

If someone sets a 4-digit passcode, you won’t be able to hear their voicemail with spoofcard.

Comment by cece
2010-07-25 19:12:52

when i put bot number the same so i can get into a voicemail.. will it show that im calling that person voicemail? & wouldnt that person pick up there phone and answer it???.. can someone explain this to me… plezzzz

Comment by mike
2010-07-26 22:19:49

no it will not show that you are the person calling, it will appear as though they received a call from their own phone!

if the phone is on, there will be a short delay where it will ring and if they answer it then you will need to hang up and try again. if the phone you are calling is off it will go directly to voicemail without ever ringing.

There is no way that they will know its you unless you talk to them or leave a voicemail.

Comment by cathrine
2010-08-13 16:52:12

my boyfriends got a password will it still work if not can someone tell me another way I really think he is cheating

Comment by mark
2010-08-13 18:37:46

this will still work, I got into my girlfriends account using this method. She didn’t have a password, it just went straight into her voicemail without any prompting.

Comment by rachel
2010-08-29 17:52:42

I try to use the same number as the one that I’m calling but it won’t do it because of security reasons…I want to listen to my friend’s VM, but this isn’t working…

Comment by mike
2010-08-30 06:09:48

so what happens when you try? this works for me and i can listen to their voicemail.

Comment by ass
2012-07-07 23:52:33

Fuck em

Comment by Mikw
2012-07-16 08:20:45

Have been using card and worked great. All of sudden I call a # and it connects. The # I connect to i have to hit buttons to go to certain departments. It won’t pick up that i am pressing buttons at all. It says you have not made a selection within time allowed. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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