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Make Your Own Damn Fake IDs

Tricks of Trade View comments

Many people complain that most of the fake id sites online are scams and they simply exist to steal people’s money with no intention of ever sending them an actual id card. So there is one simple solution to this problem: making your own fake id cards.,,, and are some of the companies that people have complained about. I have spoke to people who have claimed to have received decent ids from these companies, but recently more people have been coming forward saying that they have been ripped off.

Wisconsin Fake ID

However, after my first post on different fake id sites I was emailed by a guy from that assures me that his company is legit, has a toll-free number, customer service, and accepts credit card orders online. I don’t know if his business is legit, but it really seems this way. He is in the process of sending me a sample id to prove the quality of his id cards.

Fake ID

I made my own Fake IDs in college and after making a few good ones for myself I found that everyone wanted one. It’s the type of thing that grows exponentially if you make one good fake id for a friend he or she will show it to all their friends and they will want to buy ids from you and it will go from there.

I thought about getting back into this, however the federal government has the tendancy to come down hard on people who sell ids that can be mistaken for state or federally issued documents. I wouldn’t set up this type of operation unless I lived offshore where the United States goverment couldn’t easily come after me.

People tend to use fake ids for both identity theft and for underaged individuals to be able to purchase alcohol.

Types of Identification

I would suggest making a State ID or Operator’s license from a state outside of the one that you live in. Most bars, clubs, and liquor stores only accept driver’s licenses or state id cards that are issued by one of the 50 states. Its a good idea to pick a state outside your own, because they would be less familiar with the security features and it would be more difficult for them to spot a fake if it is not the type of id that they are used to seeing.

Evolution of Id Cards

Old Laminated Drivers License

Years ago state id and driver’s licenses were printed on security paper and then laminated, sometimes using holograms. Since then advances in printing and imaging technologies have caused them to put new measures in place to prevent forgery.

New PVC Drivers Licenses

Today almost all driver’s licenses are now made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) similar to the material that credit cards are printed on. These new PVC cards can only be printed on using very expensive printers like Fargo or Electron. In order to make a decent PVC ID card you either need to purchase one of these printers for 5-10 thousand or use a new type of material called Teslin which is similar to this PVC material, but can be printed on with either a standard InkJet or a Color Laser printer.

Fargo PVC Card Printing System

Building a template for a Fake ID

The first step in building a fake id is to make the template for the id. One way of doing this would be to scan a real version of this ID card and then take an imaging program like Coral Draw or Photoshop and meticulously edit the ID until it appears perfect. This method would work, but its very time consuming and once done it will be difficult to alter this template to work for different people.

ID Card Templates

I would recommend using one of the free ID creation programs out there which are designed to allow businesses to make their own id cards. These programs would allow you to copy a driver’s license or state id and have the ability easily change the information which appears on the card and the photo for each person that you want to make an id. Once the template is complete you can easily swap out the information on the card and change the photo to print the next id card.

Espresso ID Software

Espresso ID is an id program with tons of features that would allow you to build your own card design, add and change id photos, add barcodes and magnetic strip encoding. This program costs $99, however there is a free 30 day trial.

Alpha Card ID Software

Alpha Card offers an ID software solution with all the latest security features such as barcoding, magnetic strip encoding, holograms, and many other types of new security features. They also offer a free trial.

Printing Materials

You will need to select the right type of material to print on depending on the type of id that you are making. If it is a laminated photo id then photo paper will work the best, however if it is a PVC ID card then you will need a product called Teslin.

Teslin Sheets

This material is fairly new and is an excellent, cost effective way to forge PVC ID’s. This material can be printed by laser or inkjet printers. There is a difference between inkjet and laser Teslin. Obviously the laser Teslin is for laser printer and same with the inkjet. Printing on Teslin with an inkjet does not work well so inkjet Teslin is for this. The inkjet is coated with chemicals to absorb the ink effectively. Once printed on and laminated, Teslin becomes almost exactly like PVC.

Teslin Card

More information on Teslin can be found at either or purchased at

I have also found that there are many vendors on selling teslin and other fake id making equipment as well.

Magnetic Strip Encoding For the magnetic strip encoding to work on the id cards you will need either a PVC card stock with a magnetic strip on a laminating pouch with a magnetic strip and a magnetic strip encoder.

Magnetic PVC Cards

You can purchase both card stock with magnetic strips or laminating sheets with magnetic strips as well as the magnetic strip encoder either from or off of ebay.

Magnetic Strip Encoders

Once you have the proper equipment you will need to read the magnetic encoding off of a real version of the id card that you are copying and determine the algorithm they are using. You can use one of the id programs mentioned above to parse out the encoding and write the appropriate encoding on the magnetic strips for your ids.

Holograms and Lamination

After you have the id template in place, have printed your id card onto the card stock, and have your magnetic strip encoded. You will need to add the hologram to your card.

Hologram ID Card Overlay

There are several companies that make custom holograms. Nova Vision, ID Hologram, and some vendors on ebay sell holographic overlays that can be inserted on top of your printed card stock below the lamenating plastic.

Laminating Pouch

After putting the holographic overlay in place you will want to take one of the laminating pouches preferably with 10 mil thickness and laminate the card. I would buy the higher quality laminating pouches either from or off of

ID Card Laminating Machine

I would also suggest purchasing a high quality id card laminator like the one above from the same place.


Once you have your template nailed down, your id printed on the card stock, your magnetic strip encoded, your holographic overlay in place, and your card laminated you should be good to go.

ID Card Complete

It make take a while to get your cards to come out properly. Making good fake id cards is partially having the right equipment, but also part skill. It will take some experience and perhaps a few mistakes to get it down right. However, once you have it nailed it will be extremely profitable. One guy sold his fake ids for around $100 each, it cost him around $8 in materials, so $92 was profit and to pay back what he had invested in his equipment. The demand was so high that he made around 20 ids a day which brought in around $2,000 daily. It can be very profitable.

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Comment by Ben
2008-02-18 12:10:56

Thanks, I just ordered an entire fake id kit with enough stuff to make two id cards off of ebay.

Comment by Racqueal
2010-06-11 03:48:39

so do u know how to make the i.d’s cause i have been looking for someone to make me one.

Comment by Ben
2010-06-13 20:38:13

Yes, I have made a few fake ids which turned out really good or you can order some kits off of ebay to make your own fake ids, but making your own fake licenses which are really good takes some skill. For me the first few did not turn out well. I didn’t master the skill until i made like 20 of them.

Comment by hope
2010-06-18 05:33:25

did you ever receive the card from please give me feedback as I was interested in trying them out. Curious about their magnetic strip encoding.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by martha
2013-02-20 12:23:08

Can you email me lets talk abouth bussiness.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Aj
2013-01-05 15:26:56

Can you message me via email what you got exactly if it worked out and how much the total cost was brother? Thanks

Comment by BillyWarhol
2008-02-20 06:23:12


I’ve been looking for ways to make $730 Grand a Year + this is Beautiful!!



Comment by USA
2008-02-21 19:16:55

Forgery is made a crime by statute in most if not all the states, in addition to being a common law cheat. These statutes have much enlarged the common definition of this crime. It is also made a crime by a Federal statute (U.S. Rev. Stat., ch. 5), the punishment is by fine or by imprisonment from one to fifteen years with or without hard labour.

Comment by booby
2009-06-25 20:46:01


Comment by abi
2008-02-21 05:08:27

This is the most comprehensive guide to making a fake id that ive ever seen! nice work! :D

Comment by USA
2008-02-21 19:05:42

I hope you get caught.
it will put you in the FEDERAL
Major Felony
aiding illegals, terrorist’s
why don’t you just go to world trade center
and shit on the dead.

Comment by Fuck You
2008-10-21 11:37:10

Because the moved all the bodies you fucking idiot!

“Oh noes the terrorist is gonna git us while we watch nascar and spit our tabacky! I think my coon dawg might be Osama in disguise.”

I hope a terrorist flies a plan into your face you fucking tard then I hope your family gets raped and gets aids from it.

Comment by Kellene
2009-02-01 22:41:41

Shut up.

Comment by wr2
2009-08-20 22:17:37

well why are u even reading this site if you are so against it?

Comment by USA
2008-02-21 20:14:58

forget the law, lets say i make some fake id’s, for just my friends to get in bars. now i am considered the shit, slick, techie, amongst my circle. We can all get in any club now, bomb. now i know for a fact that my friend Shaquilla would never drive after drinking. besides it would be the bars fault for letting her in, or serving her too much.
No i am not going to feel guilt, I keep telling myself after all of these years have passed, its been, what? 17 years after the fact that Shaquilla driving home drunk ran that family of 6 off the road and…
I still have nightmare’s..
and every time I see a bottle of what she drank that night I..depressed
maybe, if, she didn’t have that ID I gave her,
if she had been just a little older she would of..
I tried but I couldn’t go to that family’s funeral, I wish,, I sometimes wish I had, or could of,, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad now, maybe

Comment by Amy
2008-02-21 21:45:29

So what exactly was Shaquilla drinking that night?

You wouldn’t happen to be talking about Shaquilla O’Nilla now?

It’s her own fault for drinking and driving. The alcohol laws in the USA are fucked up and encourage people to abuse alcohol and drive drunk.

In most countries outside the USA people can drink at just about any age. There is not all this bullshit with IDs and they have far less alcohol abuse or drunk driving fatalities.

Comment by BS
2009-09-04 22:33:03

wow this sounds like some story i would be told by my driving instructor when i was taking driving classes. Did you take that and add your fake id bs to the beginning of it? It’s called personal responsibility, if you weren’t making fake id’s she would have gotten one somewhere else. Quit crying yourself to sleep and get over it, it’s not your fault it hers.

Comment by Name (required)
2013-06-04 20:03:05

I guess Shaquilla had too much tequila

Comment by steve
2008-03-27 00:16:38

so did the guy send you a demo yet? did it look good quality?

Comment by Connor
2008-07-23 14:27:23

where do i buy the bc driver licence i live in toronto and ive tried every store but they only have prcicial cards and uni cards no holograph driverslicence that scans

Comment by bionka
2008-07-23 14:30:19

i fend to get a id i been all over lokin for dis shit i dun got my id take 4 times by police if im gona by another one i want it to look legit and scan any one know a good store in toronto

Comment by Fuck You
2008-10-21 11:42:49

You’re a dumb nigger for giving it to the police. Bartender yes, police or anyone of authority that carries badges and guns NO.

Dumb nigger is dumb….and the fact that you’re a canuk doesn’t help. Fucking Canigger

Comment by F.U. niggahhh
2013-03-27 01:16:18

Shut up. don’t be rude to people for being themselves!

Comment by Ryan
2008-11-06 12:25:30

Sounds like you know what you’re doing.
I’m looking for someone in vancouver who makes fake ids. Send me an e-mail man.

Comment by jamej
2008-11-17 05:30:28

what type of encoder works for these or is best? do you need a particular style (save being able to read 123 tracks?) do different states formats vary?

Comment by that one
2008-11-22 00:40:06

ive been looking for someone like you to help me get started with a project. Are we living in a great country or what? LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU

Comment by arshad ansari
2009-11-22 10:40:10

indian pen cards size

Comment by ID Wizzard
2010-02-26 08:35:25 is where you get good novelty id in vancouver

Comment by amy
2010-02-26 21:39:22

so what states do you have fake ids or they just for canada?

Comment by US
2010-03-31 23:27:26

are you all f***ing idiots?!?!?! USA is right; you’re gonna do this nd eventually either get put in jail, kill somebody (hopefully yourself), or BOTH!!!!! There are reasons for all the laws and yes, it is your responsibility to not drink too much, but it’s also your responsibility not to lie, cheat, steal, help somebody steal!!! All these things could happen with your stupid fake ID cards. So, though I despise a great many of the laws in the US, I say fine, and go along with them because THEY’RE FOR OUR OWN F***ING GOOD! Now, as I know there is no chance that anybody will understand that,I hope you enjoy HELL!

Comment by Jeff
2010-04-01 02:16:54

You sound like a retarded foreigner… either a cheap JEW or a dirty little MUSLIM.

Stay out of the USA because we don’t need your ugly retarded ass stinking this place up!

Stupid monkey!

Comment by Sally
2013-01-04 04:08:28

You are the biggest racist piece of white trash prick I’ve ever seen in my life. seriously go fuck yourself, people like you are the reason the US is going down hill. Dumb racist fucks who don’t know their asses to their heads.

That is why people go to Canada, fuck you.

Comment by sean
2013-01-14 20:01:46

nigga stfu bitch u dont kno wat ur talking about

Comment by US
2010-03-31 23:30:24

I hope next time there’s a terrorist attack, your whole f***ing family dies and you lose every f***ing cent of ur money that gained so illegally.. and then you get put in the slammer on 1 billion dollar bail which nobody will pay! Then you can rot in hell

Comment by Tony
2010-04-01 08:29:55

Trust all of you to segue any conversation, no matter how positive or neutral, somehow, into terrorism.

Comment by Jeff
2010-04-02 05:34:40

What exactly do fake ids have to do with terrorism?

We are talking fake driver’s licenses, not fake passports. With modern technology, airport security can tell the difference between a fake and a real id card.

We are using these ids to buy alcohol at bars and liquor stores and nothing more.

Comment by Heyo
2010-05-14 07:53:23

hey did you ever get that sample ID from the guy??? how was it?

Comment by Iverson
2010-07-28 15:17:04

I can’t believe what I have been reading in all these comments and on the contrary I believe this fake id is pretty kool for reasonable little things. I don’t understand why some m***therfcukers will take this conversation so far like name in shame (Fuck You & Jeff). I hope before you were born and after your mothers were rammed. You came out the right way cause you dick lickers just turned the whole concept of fake ids into a political discussion. Racist fcuks, i wouldn’t mind if someone bombed your asses and shat on your ashes. Peace

Comment by Steph-IS-MAD
2010-08-20 22:47:13

I got my ID from wizardid10(at)yahoo dot com from Vancouver and it’s treated me well

Comment by JohnnyBgood
2011-03-26 09:49:26

Email ..good price. superb quality. Also looking to pass on a Fargo DTC400 to someone in need for a good price. negotiable.

Comment by johnnyboy
2011-04-04 17:35:44

Ordred my I.d from Holly geneva

waiting on it let everyone know if I get it and the quality

Comment by Candice
2011-04-08 06:12:12

I’m all for supporting underage drinking. Let me just say, bars are not that much fun. Drinking at nice restaurants is pretty cool for the first few times, but then it’s just boring and you have to find some other taboo, sneaky behavior to top it. Oh, how I miss being a minor. :/

Comment by Fake name
2012-01-24 01:06:50


Comment by asdfadsfadsf
2012-07-22 18:56:14

I just wanna be a couple years younger. I am 26 and I want to date 20 year old but they would think im too old well guess what I look like im only early 20s so why the hell age have to come between love age means nothing, no harm in being like only 4 years younger to date hot girl I like and fake being it how else would i fake it but keep the fake id with 4 years younger birthdate, easiest way else they find out and call me liar BUT FOR WHAT because i’m a couple years older? well if you’d date me at 23 but not 27 even though same person well that makes no sense society is stupid. its not like im trying to break the law or anything geez

Comment by matt
2013-05-23 23:49:01

Hey did you ever find someone to do your ID? I’m 25 trying to look 21 myself so I know where you’re coming from bud.

Comment by Cesar Veliz
2012-09-24 03:15:40

This is all real baby!!!

Comment by Marissa
2012-09-28 03:04:27

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Comment by Jesse
2013-03-06 09:31:56

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Comment by Gaige
2013-03-14 03:39:31

Are you willing to make me one. Ill pay good money

Comment by Karry
2013-03-28 21:10:26

It’s awesome to pay a visit this site and reading the views of all mates about this article, while I am also eager of getting experience.

Comment by CeeJay
2013-04-04 14:45:48

There is a pubcrawl next week and I turn 21 in December. Is it worth it to make my own ID? How much does this cost alltogether to do? Otherwise, anyone know of a legit website I can buy one from?


Comment by Meredith Wood
2013-04-23 00:17:32

I cannot find anywhere that sells an Arizona hologram, any help? Or anywhere that sells any state holograms for that matter.

Comment by Jgh Tu Big
2013-05-05 05:15:59

just do everything to make it look good. and to make my age above 18

Comment by torrentsu
2013-05-29 03:42:04

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2013-06-01 14:41:05

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Comment by Jeff
2013-06-04 14:42:33

How do you make fake id’s scannable?

Comment by kat
2013-07-02 19:11:27

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Comment by Keen
2013-07-23 08:59:35

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Comment by jamesmount
2013-08-02 06:15:50

Yes right now it’s very simple and easy to built their fake id card, I don’t know how is it possible but it’s true and it is dangerous to all the world because with the help of fake id people take your money as well as every thing… so my advice to government to take and hard action and organized an organization that built id in unique way…

Comment by Chris Roberts
2013-08-05 18:45:56

This can be a real blessing for men considering in America we have the largest population of ex-offenders and it my 35 years alive I do not know of no men that can actually rent besides in a half way house full od drugs,aids and problems which make even dating not possible considering a person has t work low end jobs to make it you pretty much have to be a drug dealer in America if your a excon trying to make it because even a dumb as cop with no education knows no human no man can rent on $7.50 an hour. So I am up for this. I am interested also in nolvety SI card I would like to one day become a renter. I have never been able to rent I thought it would be cool if men could rent since so many are unable to . If you could send me some information on supplies needed so I can work on one day dating ,renting and do some normal human funtions in America I would apperciate it because I have spent my life watching nothing but grown men denied access to housing and life.

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Comment by mikaylam
2013-08-06 13:10:52

So I’m an 18 year old girl who just wants to enjoy some goddamn champagne and vodka every now and then. I live in Alaska (sadly still part of the U.S.), and it’d be super awesome if I could get a Canadian driver’s license that says I’m also legal to drink in America. I could pull it off as “I’m just taking a little road trip,” or something like “visiting family in Alaska..” because it’s totally believable, right?! I think so. By reading everybody’s comments it sounds like you’re all in the Vancouver area. Anybody wanna hook me up with people who’d make me a fake ID and be willing to send it to AK? I’d pay extra postage and shit. Yadda yadda. Help a fellow out.

2013-10-08 10:02:43

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