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The Great $200,000 Kendall-Jackson Wine Heist

Wine, Sonoma County View comments

Finding $150-a-bottle Sonoma and Napa red wines at the bargain price of $60 might sound too good to be true.

Apparently, it was.

Kendall Jackson Winery

Felony criminal complaints have been filed against two Santa Rosa men and a Napa resident alleging they embezzled nearly $200,000 worth of high-end Bordeaux-style red blends produced by Jackson Family Wines, part of the Kendall-Jackson empire owned by Sonoma County wine giant Jess Jackson.

Jordan Crass

According to Sonoma County court documents, Jordan P. Crass, 29, of Santa Rosa, a former customer service representative at Jackson’s Windsor distribution center, was the ringleader who set in motion a potentially very profitable scheme.

He faces six felony charges including grand theft, four counts of burglary and unauthorized computer access.

Depending on how much investigators can establish was stolen, a conviction in the case could mean prison time, prosecutor Amy Ariyoshi said.

In addition to Crass, Jarrett M. Berg, 28, of Santa Rosa and Kevin M. Hall, 29, of Napa are named in the complaint. They face three felony charges each of receiving stolen property.

Hall is an employee of Regal Wine Co., a Jackson-owned distribution company. Berg is a high school friend of Hall’s who is alleged to have delivered the wine to buyers, according to court papers.

None of the men has been arrested. Contacted by phone, Hall declined comment, Crass didn’t return a message seeking comment and Berg couldn’t be reached.

Verité Wines

The attention of Jackson wine executives was sparked in April 2007 when the company’s vice president for marketing found Verité wines for sale on the Internet. The wines, three different 2004 vintages of cabernet sauvignon, merlot and cabernet franc blends, hadn’t been released to the public, company officials told investigators.

“He saw this wine and said, ‘Wait a minute, how did they get that?’ He ordered it and said, ‘Yep, that’s our wine,’ ” Sheriff’s Sgt. Glenn Lawrence said. “From there it snowballed.”

Tiffanie De Liberty, an attorney for Jackson Family Enterprises, said in an e-mail the company wouldn’t comment on the case.


An internal investigation by Jackson Family Wines revealed that unreleased 2004 vintages of La Muse, La Joie and Le Désir wines “were available on the Internet in large quantities and at prices substantially below” retail prices, detective Randy Williams wrote in an investigative document filed with the request for search warrants.

The wines were being offered on eBay and four fine wine retailers’ Web sites.

Company investigators traced computer transactions believed to have been made by Crass that indicate he also traded bottles of wine for tickets to sporting events with a Pleasant Hill ticket broker, Williams said.

Crass, who was fired in early April, created false “lost” wine shipments or marked shipments as returns so the wine could be sent out without being tied to an order by a specific customer, a search warrant affidavit alleged.

Old Bordeaux Wine

Williams’ report detailed seven “inventory adjustments” allegedly made in January and February 2007 from Crass’ computer at the company’s shipping center involving nearly 1,000 bottles of 2002 and 2003 Verité and Lokoya wines costing $150 to $175 a bottle. Each of the shipments was labeled lost.

Wine Boxes

Another inventory check showed 240 missing bottles of 2004 Verité wines, valued at more than $34,000.

Edward Mackauff, president of in San Jose, told investigators he bought several bottles of the pricy reds from Hall, whom he said contacted him as a representative of Regal Wine Co. Regal is the distribution arm of Jackson’s wine empire.

Check Fingerprint

Mackauff provided detectives with canceled checks valued at nearly $9,000 written to Berg and Hall for three wine shipments. One of the checks had a bank-required fingerprint of the person who cashed it, Williams said in his report.

“It’s not fun being a victim of anything,” said Mackauff. “I was able to help figure out what was going on and helped catch them. But I’d rather forget it all.”

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Comment by mike
2008-02-04 22:25:50

this sounded like a great scam too bad they got caught, i could have used a couple bottles of wine. maybe they should stick with the rental scam, it’s far less risky and harder to prove.

Comment by jeff
2008-02-05 05:32:56

Jordan Crass is one of those guys who thinks that he is smarter than everyone else. When he was stealing this wine he never thought that he would get caught and now that he is caught he thinks that he can jump through legal hoops to get out of trouble.

I really hope that he does jail time and has a permanent felony on his record. Jordan is long over due for a reality check.

Comment by Mike
2008-02-05 05:33:30

How did these guys possibly think that they would get away with this? Wasn’t it obvious that they would eventually get caught?

Comment by jeff
2008-02-05 21:27:05

Easy. Jordan is one of those guys who thinks that he is smarter and one step ahead of everyone else. Right now he is probably in total denial about ever serving jail time or any other serious consequences for his behavior.

He thinks that the world belongs to him… he deserves whats coming to him.

He probably started stealing bottles of wine to get sporting event tickets and then he liked the profits too much and it went from there.

Comment by Dexter
2008-02-05 21:33:11

I saw Kevin Hall at the green door friday night, I guess they let him out early, wonder if he brought his own wine to drink there?!?

Comment by Amy
2008-02-06 06:59:26

It looks like Stone Cold Steve Austin got busted stealin the wine!

Comment by fred
2008-02-14 21:26:24

hahaha jordan crass got his ass busted. deserves the fat fucking bitch right. wannabe rich boy. have fun being a bend-over buddy in your jail cell, bitch!

Comment by fred
2008-02-14 22:21:06

hope to see crass watchin the next super bowl from a jail cell. but this pussy ass daddy’s boy will probably whine to his parents and get them to pay for a high priced attorney to get probation. i hope this guys future suffers at the very least, he is such a POS.

Comment by fred
2008-02-14 23:23:26

i think that bitch boy goes in for his arraignment tomorrow

Comment by don
2008-03-05 01:43:14

So what ended up happening to these criminals. I bet that they all pleaded innocent and are in for a long court case ahead. However in the end I am sure that Kendall Jackson will have them prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Comment by Someone Whocares
2008-04-08 00:02:13

I feel sorry for Crass the ASS’s family. His poor wife and childern the shame they have to live with having that fuck up for a provider. Excuse me a false provider. Seriously, having your wedding picture posted on the internet under”$200,000 Wine Heist”. It’s time to wake up girlfiend and smell the stolen coffee.

Comment by diva
2008-04-08 00:47:58

Hahahahah……… the last blog……FUNNY!!! But really…….girl the shame you must have to stay with suck a LOSER!! Oh wait….maybe you are one as well??Losers love losers!

Comment by Loser
2010-12-29 23:03:30

Jen Schmidt is still with the loser (Jordan Crass) and is still his wife. Jordan is now at the Pathway home claiming he has PTSD and it was the PTSD that made Jordan Crass steels the wine. He gets a free meal on us, a roof over his head, and of course the free drug to help him cope with his fake PTSD. His family gets Veterans Hud to pay their rent. This guy is truly a criminal!!!!

Comment by Jordan P. Crass
2010-12-31 23:27:38

Hey Loser!

Go Fuck Yourself! I bet that you are too chicken shit to post your *real* name with those comments. You are a coward hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. You do not have the courage to tell me your true identity.

Also your facts are totally wrong, I am definitely not in a Pathway Home and I never stole the wine and only pled guilty to receive a plea bargin and avoid real time. I didn’t want to put my wife through a lengthy trial or jail sentence. So I pled guilty to avoid a trial or time in jail. I NEVER served any time in jail, not even a day. Next time get your facts straight.

Jordan Patrick Crass

Comment by jordan
2011-03-09 12:59:52

Jordan, I admire a man that does not wish to put his wife and his family through a lengthy trial or jail sentence. Of course being charged with 6 Felony counts, and a looming $200,000 debt, being plead down to 5 Felony counts, and $100,000 debt, being in multiple newspapers nationwide is well……OK? Does this sound admirable?
Which is it? PTSD made you do it? or you are innocent? Perhaps PTSD made you do it and you are innocent?
I remember being innocent of a California DMV charge and wrote my defense, providing proof that the car and myself were in Ohio with Ohio plates registered before the California renewal was due. Therefore did not owe them one cent! Jordan this was a little fight but well worth proving my innocence. I would rather take my family out to a nice steak restaurant than pay something I was falsely accused of and did not owe. A $200,000 debt even at $100,000 is a huge price for any man, let alone his family to have to absorb for innocence. $100,000 would be a sizable down payment on a house for the security of providing for your family. Jordan you would have us believe that you and your family would rather pay than prove your innocence?
According to Judge Rene Chouteau, you WERE ordered to one year in jail.
Lori A. Carter PressDemocrat March 5, 2009.
Your attorney Walter Risse said you were sentenced to one year in jail.
You also “altered the companys computer records to cover up your actions”, who said that? Right! You said that!
Derek J. Moore PressDemocrat Jan 27, 2009
Henry K. Lee SFGate Jan 27,2009
Jordan, “A former customer sales rep at a Jess Jackson-owned wine distribution center was released from the Sonoma County Jail early Wed, hours after his arrest in connection with the alleged theft of as much as $200,000 worth of wine” “Jordan P. Crass of Santa Rosa was taken into custody about 11:40 P.M. Tuesday and posted $10,000 bail before being released early Wed”
Lori A. Carter PressDemocrat Jan 31, 2008
Marsha Dorgan, NapaValleyRegister Jan 30,2008
“Are my facts totally wrong?”
Are the Sonoma County Jail records wrong?
Are the Sonoma Sheriffs records wrong?
Are the Press Democrat sources wrong?
are the Napa Valley Register sources wrong?
Are the SFGate sources wrong?
“You said NEVER served anytime in jail?”
Jordan you appear to be the only person I know that has been arrested without spending “anytime in jail” Hmmmmm…. I think… not!
Just more lies Jordan?
Do you have like 3 sets of books? 1. for what you tell your family, 2. for what you tell yourself and those around you, and 3. the truth as best as you can remember so you dont lose track?
Are you comfortable?
Do you need warm milk?
Your comfort is important to me.
Jordan you plead guilty to $100,000 publicly allowing your wife and kids to wear the name of shame for a crime you say you didn’t commit? Your family must FEEEL all that love you demonstrated for them. It is good to love.
House arrest and work furlough programs to avoid time in jail makes you a real trooper!
What qualified as a work furlough program in lieu of jail? just curious?
Are you capable of being honest? Giving your answers intelligent thought?
Are you working hard at your “work furlough program?” Hard work always seems to help with sleep, would you agree?
Jordan,I’m just getting started.
Are you ready to play?

Comment by Jordan P. Crass
2011-03-24 17:31:12

Your information again is totally wrong. You have no clue what you are talking about.

1) There were not 5 felony counts, they were all reduced to misdemeanors which will be expunged from my record after the probationary period (which has almost been completed).
2) As my attorney stated to me, the restitution of $120,000 is just a formality. There is no way that they can enforce that I pay it all off, I just make small payments over time and they will never see the full $120,000. This was nothing more than a negotiating factor.
3) I never spent a year in jail, I was sentenced to a year in jail, but that was reduced to home confinement, work release, and probation. Are you that naive to think that people in the USA actually serve the time sentenced? Does 1 year sentence actually equal 1 year served? Do some research.
4) Yes, I was arrested and booked in Sonoma County jail, but I only spent two hours in processing and in the waiting room before I was released on bail. I was NEVER assigned a cell, just sat in a seat in the waiting room until my bail was paid two hours later.

So that’s the truth. I am here posting the facts under my real name. You are nothing more than a coward hiding behind your fake name. I bet that I know you and you are too much a coward to tell me your true identity.

So what if I did steal the wine? The penalties I faced were small, no jail time, minor court proceedings and weak publicity that 99% of the people will forget about in weeks, a restitution that will never be repaid, and a record which is soon to be cleared. This seems like a small price to pay for $200,000 and BTW they only found out about $200k, what if it were more like $400k? or $500k? Either way this is just pocket change to Jess Jackson and his empire.

Jordan P. Crass

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by jordan
2011-03-09 10:13:14

Is your family still receiving Veterans HUD Jordan?
I hope you were honest with at least the Veterans Admin?
Are you honest?
What do you think the consequences would be if you were stealing, oops lying to the government?
Not stealing? if you gain benefits by lying, they do call that stealing.
Will see?

Comment by Jordan P. Crass
2011-03-24 17:43:02

I am not receiving Veterans HUD and never did, again your facts are totally wrong.

Yes, I do get tax, medical, insurance, credit, and other financial benefits due to being a war veteran. But so do ALL the soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is nothing new. All war veterans get benefits… WWII, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. It’s a small benefit which goes with putting your life on the line and sacraficing all for your country.

You would not know that because you have never done anything for your country. I bet that you are one of those liberal whiners who do nothing but complain about the United States, reap all the benefits of being a citizen and do absolutely nothing for your country. You wouldn’t even give a thought to thanking any veteran for putting their life on the line for YOUR RIGHTS, FREEDOM, OR OPPORTUNITIES. However you have no problem bitching about the benefits that are given to these veterans for putting their life on the line.

Again you show your cowardice hiding behind a fake name in your little safety net. You would not last a second in Iraq or any war and if it were not for people like me you would not live a world of freedom and opportunities.

Comment by Jordan P. Crass
2010-12-31 23:18:17

To whom it may concern,

I would like you to take the picture of Jordan Crass off of your website. The picture includes a woman not associated with this case what so ever and I have spoken with a lawyer already and intend to press slander charges if you don’t take it down immediately. My attorney will be in contact with you if this picture does not come off your website immediately.

Jordan P. Crass

Comment by jordan
2011-03-09 10:40:42

Jordan didn’t you say that your crimes started by receiving tickets to sporting events and eventually a big screen tv for the exchange of stolen wine? stolen wine is stolen property, agreed?
didn’t you also say this tv was for your wife?
when you brought the tv home did your wife make you return it for being stolen?
Did your wife call the police and report that the tv was a benefit for stolen property?
I’m guessing no would be the answer.
When a person benefits from knowingly stolen property, we call them an accomplice.
The woman in the picture appears to be wearing a wedding dress, You appear to be wearing the type of tuxedo a Groom would wear, making you look like you just married this woman, am I correct?
Was there a multiple wedding that took place, or are you just dressed very nice for someone else’s wedding and you are holding someone else’s wife?
This truly appears to be your wife, is she not?
Were you married to someone else during the time you married this women?
This woman appears to be your wife, agreed?
If your wife benefited from stolen property and did nothing to return or otherwise her civic duty to report this stolen property than SHE (in the picture) is an accomplice or at the very least had an association with this case by the acceptance of stolen property.
Jordan, when you murder someone…. you are a murderer. When you stalk someone…. you are a stalker. When you steal from someone… you are a thief, listen carefully…. when you lie to someone you are a lier.
I remind you Jordan you said “no association with this case what so ever”
Another lie?

Comment by Jordan P. Crass
2011-03-24 17:58:04

Again, you don’t know what you are talking about! I never traded any wine for a large screen television and had never gave my wife a large screen television. That is all hearsay and rumors.

FACT: I ordered a large screen television from a site for myself and my wife one week prior to my arrest.

I did not use wine or any money from this wine to purchase this television.

I actually paid for this television using a 48 month same as cash line of credit that obtained through the online retailer. I had not made a single payment on this television at the time of my arrest.

Shortly after my arrest a detective arrived at my house to investigate me and while he was there the delivery service arrived with this television that I had ordered.

So he assumed that this television was purchased using money obtained from selling the wine. He put this in his police reports and it was leaked to the Press Democrat.

Derek Moore at the press democrat twisted and altered the words in his article to make it seem like the television was paid for by the proceeds from the wine. The detective later discovered that I had purchased the television using credit and altered his report to reflect this. By this time the press democrat had already printed the article. The newspaper clearly cares more about selling papers than reporting on the truth.

My wife was involved in anything at Kendall Jackson, nor did she profit from the proceeds of this wine. She had NO ASSOCIATION WHATSOEVER! THAT IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

Comment by She is a stupid girl
2011-01-17 20:40:23

Crass stole the wine. Oh, yes he did. Stupid girl! Leave the pictures up as his wife deserves to wear the shame.

Comment by mark
2011-01-19 00:35:30

Yes, you are right!

Jen Schmidt is an idiot, she knew that Jordan Crass stole the wine WHILE HE HAS DOING IT! In fact, Jordan was stealing the wine so that he could buy her a large screen television and tons of TV dinners to stuff her fat little face.

Jen deserves whatever she gets. She knowingly went along with Jordan Crass’s scheme and enabled and encouraged him to steal the wine.

Comment by CHICKEN
2011-01-24 14:54:27


Comment by mark
2011-01-24 18:49:22

YEAH JORDAN CRASS, put your little circumcized, cheap, theiving JEWISH penis between your legs and cluck like the chicken you are!!!

You need to lose some weight by choaking the chicken rather than eating it! :-)

Comment by jordan
2011-03-09 09:42:52

Jordans police report is interesting, a small fee but public. Get it at the Sonoma county sheriffs Dept.
Jordan are comfortable?
Are your accommodations up to a man with your discerning taste.
does anyone on this blog know where he is? has the complete story as reported from the actual court documents.
Sonoma County Superior Court, sound familiar Jordan?
Or should I say “Mastermind”? The judge did, Prosecuting Attorney, and Oh yeah, You agreed.
I know you are Innocent, Of course computers seem to be your specialty. This theft was made possible by computer knowledge, agreed?
What are your computer knowledge credentials Jordan?
Tiffanie De Liberty might be interested in what you are planning now. Still cozy?
have you given much thought to what a violation would mean to you? or perhaps your family?
“You have been measured, weighed, and found wanting”
Jordan your move, are you ready to play?

Comment by Jordan P. Crass
2011-03-24 18:21:06


As I stated above the police reports changed several times during the course of the case. The detectives put information into their reports which was totally wrong and based off assumptions (for example, the big screen television). Their reports changed and information was removed and altered to reflect the truth as they discovered the truth. So the police report that you have purchased may or may not be up-to-date or accurate.

The press democrat reported in several articles on old police reports and they bended and altered the truth inorder to write more interesting articles and sell more papers. They don’t care about the truth, just selling papers.

This case is no longer a big deal. The penalties have been paid, Kendall Jackson is still making tons of wine and has made up for any losses, Jess Jackson is still a billionaire, and people have forgotten about what has happened. We have moved on… many people have taken profits and losses from this case, it’s not just me. You don’t have the facts, you never will. There was more to the situation than you will ever know.

Comment by You are right
2011-03-29 18:21:07

Everything you have written about Jordan Crass is true. He is at the Pathway home and does not deserve to be for a guy who pussied out of the Army by some lie he told. He is a con artist. He does not know how to tell the truth. He is stupid for posting this. I have sent this communication onto Jess Jackson, my Lawyer, and to the Press Democrat to benefit myself and clear my name. Let’s see what Jess thinks now. His wife knew what he was doing and benefited from the $$$ and the wine. Jess can charge her too since she is part of the case that could be a 500K case. She even helped us unload the wine into their home and drink the wine. The TVs well they came from me one of the guys who helped him sale the wine before I knew it was stolen. NO! He did not purchase the TV. We traded wine $$$. Oh and do not forget Jordan even recruited some internal help and both Jeremy and Jared are still employed at KJ, Not for long once Jess reads this!!!

Comment by Jordan P. Crass
2011-03-31 22:28:32

You are a total dumbass. You have no clue about what you are saying and are making things up in a pathetic attempt to “stir shit”.

Let me debunk your bullshit:

(1) I am NOT in the Pathway home. I would not be able to type this if I were in the pathway home out in Yountville. I am in Sonora right now but will be returning to Sonoma County soon.

(2) Jess Jackson does NOT care about the “info” or “facts” you are sending to him. He’s a billionaire, he has tons of money, he has property, he has businesses, and an entire empire to run. He does NOT have time to listen to your nonsense. Your email will most likely go unread and will definitely be deleted. You have zero credibility with him.

(3) Barbara (Jess’ wife) does NOT steal wine. She doesn’t have to steal it, she OWNS IT!!! She’s married to the billionaire who owns the winery!!! Barbara has access to enough wine to fill 10 olympic sized swimming pools. Are you fucking kidding me? She gives millions and millions of dollars to charities… all the time! 500k is like pocket change to her. You are making some serious claims which will lead to you being silenced by a slander lawsuit. You may even lose your house, job, and other assets in this suit. Not because she needs your pidly money, but out of principle. So go ahead and call your lawyer, he’ll just tell you to “SHUT THE FUCK UP” which IMHO is great advice.

(4) I bought the TV (there was only one television) from an online retailer using the “Bill Me Later” same-as-cash line of credit. You definitely did not give out any televisions to me. If you did give out televisions they were to other employees.

(5) Jeremy and Jared were not involved, don’t know where you get that idea! There was no Jeremy and it was Jarrett, not Jared. His name was Jarrett!

No one is going to listen to you. You have all the facts wrong and won’t even use your real name!!!

Comment by good going
2011-04-24 05:40:27

Jess Jackson is dead. He read your post above and it upset him so much that he had a heart attack. Nice going asshole!

Comment by You are right
2011-04-04 14:15:14

Lies Lies and more Lies that is all you know.

Comment by J.P.C.
2011-04-04 16:47:31

Just wait until I find you and see what happens…

You will be in a world of shit. That is all I know. Do you agree coward?

Comment by You are right
2011-04-06 19:18:18

Your the coward and a lier. Your just a big pussy.

Comment by J.P.C.
2011-04-07 17:14:54

Keep talking… :-) your time will come and you will totally wish that you kept your mouth shut.

I know who you are and I plan on making you pay dearly. After I am done with you, you will be turned over to the authorities to be charged with your part of the wine theft. Yes, you too had a part in the theft of the wine, and yes, you too profited from the wine.

I took the fall for you and suffered the consequences and you turned out to be a two faced piece of shit. Therefore, today I will consult with the detectives and make a statement implicating your role in the wine theft which will likely lead to your arrest.

Have fun asshole. :-)

Comment by Ryan
2012-06-05 21:03:14

OK… Maybe I am missing something here but could someone explain to me how a man who is totally innocent and had nothing to do with stealing any wine and who say he only plea bargained because of his family, know exactly who was involved and be able to share that with an investigator??

One other question. When did the amount of someone’s wealth determine if stealing from them is legal or OK? Was there a law or something passed that I missed that made stealing from a billionaire legal. Wow, I thought stealing was stealing. It sure does change my desire to ever become a billionaire. What about someone who only has a worth of $999 million?

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Comment by Medford
2013-11-16 06:14:34

WTF? Jordan, do you remember old men sitting in rocking chairs? Sorta suprised to see this.

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