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Make Money Texting and Bill the Cellphone Companies!

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Go to all the cellphone stores in your area, sign up all the demo phones for your very own premium SMS text service, and make $9.99 per demo phone!  Find out how.

Every now and then I receive a random text message on my cell phone.  Sometimes it’s a horoscope reading, sometimes it’s a random stock pick, sometimes it’s a weather report and other times its just some advertising spam. 

Text Message Spam

I initially thought that it was just an annoyance so I would simply either ignore or delete the message.  I bet the majority of people have the same type of reaction in this situation.

However sometimes the messages reoccur and other times they do not.

Either way at the end of the month I recieve my cell phone bill only to find that I have an additional $4.99 charge for a “third-party” service!

cell phone bill

I call up my cell phone company and ask them what this charge is for and they tell me that’s it either a subscription or one-time text messaging service.  They go on to tell me that I can’t cancel through them or get a refund because these charges are from a third-party company and not my actual cellphone carrier.

They simply tell me to reply to all further text messages with the words: STOP or CANCEL to prevent these text messages from reoccurring.  This will cancel the service from here on out, but it will not refund any current or previous charges.

Text Spam

So what does this mean?  This means that you will still be charged for the initial text message regardless of whether you cancel the service immediately and that this “third-party” company could be getting anywhere between 99 cents and $9.99 for sending you this single text message.

I checked my previous cell phone bills from past months only to find that there were similar charges those months that I did not even notice! 

Initially this made me angry, but once I thought about this ingenious business model, I immediately wanted in! 

I bet that at least 70% of the people who receive these type of text messages don’t even notice that they are being charged for these extra services and just pay their bills. 


This type of service is known as Reverse SMS billing or a premium SMS service where companies can bill a user through an SMS text.  This even goes beyond just charging for text messages.  Services like PayPay or GPay allows people to send and transfer money via SMS. People can also charge money to their cell phone account with similar types of services.

Where this money goes

I did some research on this type of third-party text message billing and found that these companies make between half to a third of what they bill, the cell phone company takes one-third and the payment gateway service also gets one-third.

So if they charge 99 cents per month and bill 30,000 people they will be making approximately $10,000 per month.

If they bump this up to $4.99 per month they will be making over $45,000 per month.

So how do YOU set up this type of service?

Companies like Telemedia and TextMarks allow people to set up their own text messaging services for free.

Text Premium Screen

Textmarks is the easiest service to use and allows people to set up a keyword for use on their short code of 41411.

You could set up the keyword, MakeMoney, and when anyone sends an SMS text with the word, MakeMoney, to 41411. They would be signed up for your premium SMS service for either $4.99 or $9.99 per month depending what you want to charge for your service.


Now the difficulty is advertising and getting people to sign up for your keyword.  Unless you want to go the spamming route like many companies do.

Bulk SMS messaging

There are services out there like ClickaTell which allows users to send bulk SMS messages to thousands or perhaps millions of cellphone users.

You could also write a web-based application to do bulk PC-to-Phone SMS texting. 

To stop the use of spamming some of the premium SMS services requires all potential subscribers to reply with a “Y” indicating that they actually understand the charges and want to subscribe to the service.  However, this could potentially be countered and defeated with SMS text spoofing or by writing a web-based application to sign people up for your text service regardless of whether or not they have actually willingly subscribed.

Signing tens-of-thousands of people up for your premium SMS service requires a bit work however it could be highly rewarding and bring in thousands of dollars per month.  However there is an easier way to make a couple hundred per month with much less time and work involved.

Bill the Cellphone Companies Back

Go to all the cellphone stores in your area and sign up all the demo phones for your premium SMS text service! 

Sprint Store

In my immediate area there are 3 Sprint/Nextel Stores, 4 AT&T stores, 4 Verizon stores, 3 T-Mobile Stores, and 1 Helio Store.  These 15 cell phone stores had a total of 328 active demo phones that I was able to sign up for my $9.99 a month service.

Cell Phone Sign Up

After the cellphone companies take their cut (~33%) and the premium SMS billing gateways take their cut (~33%).  I am left with $3.00 per subscriber, not too bad, but not great.  Better than nothing though!  So with 328 subscribers at $3.00 per month I am making an easy $984.00 per month.  That’s a decent car payment (this may even cover rent for some people)! 


The Process:
1) Sign up for a shortcode keyword.
2) Set your keyword for premium billing (either $4.99 or $9.99 per month).
3) Go to your local cellphone store and use all the demo phones to text your keyword to their 41411 short code.
4) Clear out all inboxed and sent text messages from phones.
5) Repeat this process at more cellphone stores.
6) Wait for them to mail you a check for approx $1.50 per subscriber ($4.99) or $3.00 per subscriber ($9.99). The more subscribers you have the more you make!

I am billing the cellphone companies back and they are paying for it!  I got my
first check last month.

And things are just getting started…

If I head further into the bay area there are hundreds of cell phone stores with thousands of demo phones so my subscriber list is sure to increase!  I can sign up more phones at my leisure.

Also, the cellphone companies get new phones every few months so this would allow me to return to these stores and sign up all their new phones for my premium service.  Things are just getting better and better!

So what is your take on these premium SMS scam ideas?

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2007-12-29 04:36:28

You can make a lot of money via text messages

Comment by Vince
2009-03-19 20:37:17

Is signing demo phones up illegal?

Comment by natalie
2009-03-20 05:13:08

not that I am aware of

Comment by Rich
2008-01-26 06:30:05

This seems to be working, but it really sucks that these text message billing companies hold your funds for 60 days before they pay you. I have over 300 subscribers at $4.99 a pop, but I won’t see this money for another two months. But as soon as the payments start rolling in monthly then things will be good.

Comment by Rich
2008-01-26 12:52:35

If they wait 60 days before paying you it will be like the text message payments that you get now will actually reflect the wrok you did two months ago.

Comment by Rob
2008-03-25 03:59:04

Hey, did you get your check yet?

Comment by kevin
2008-01-28 06:52:39

When asked how you are promoting your keyword, what was your reply?

Comment by Natalie
2008-01-28 08:23:47

What happened Kevin?

Say that you are running some type of contest or promotion where you are requiring them to sign up for the keyword to enter. You made some sort of anouncement that caused several people to sign up at once.

Comment by kevin
2008-01-29 08:12:40

Thanks Natalie. I didn’t think of that.

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-02 01:40:55

Does this really work? I am charge anything on my bill? Please provide detail step by step instuctions.

Comment by Ben
2008-02-02 03:50:10

This really works and no you won’t be charged anything because both TextMarks and Telemedia allow people to set up a charge per text service for free.

You will get like $3 per subscriber or some amount like that. Anyone that signs up for your subscription text messages will be billed $5 per month and you will get $3.

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-02 04:44:10

Please provide detail step by step instuctions on how I set my account thru TextMark. Do I go under the create, widget, or monetize tab to set-up my account. Also, can explain in detail about me going to store and using the demo phones. Aren’t most phone under lock and key. Plus aren’t most times a sales agent somewhere near by to prevent me from doing what you are proposing I Do?

Comment by Beth
2008-02-02 05:51:24

Create a keyword on TextMarks, it can be anything. Don’t worry about creating a widget. Then monetize the keyword and setup an account either to charge $5 or $10.

Once your keyword is set up go to the cellphone store and use the demo phones that they have wired to the counters around the store. Each store has about 30-50 demo phones that are completely functional and allow you to make phone calls from, but they are wired to the counter so you can’t steal them, but you can use them.

Text your keyword to 41411 and they will send you a text right back that asks if you are sure you want to be charged $5 or $10 a month and you reply with a Y.

Once the phone is subscribed delete all the text messages from the phone so people won’t see that it is subscribed.

They explain this above as well. I did try this though and it seems to be working.

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-03 00:38:32

When creating my keyword on TextMark my options are 1)Respond to a keyword with text from a web page 2)Help coordinate people (alerts, chat, etc.)…which do I use?

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-02 16:09:22

Do the sales agent in the phone stores mind us doing this? Is this legal to do? Do we also market this to actual cell phone customers as well…such as placing or passing out business cards/flyers directing to actual cell users to text 41411 into their phones and receive money without being charged back?

Comment by Beth
2008-02-02 23:33:19

The sales agents might not like you doing this from the demo phones, however they do not watch what people are doing. They may ask if you need assistance and you just say “no” and that you are just looking.

Yes, you can market it to actual cell phone customers that is the intended use of this service.

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-02 16:21:52

If a person has unlimted texting do we still get paid by them texting 41411 into their phone? How does the system know to credit monies to me based off the 41411? Isn’t this number being used by others as well?

Comment by Beth
2008-02-02 23:36:08

Yes, they will still get charged for this service if they have unlimited texting because its a premium subscription service with a per month fee.

The system knows to credit monies to you because they will be texting your keyword to 41411.

This 41411 number is used by others, but the keyword is unique to you and your service.

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-02 16:28:21

I have been trying to figure out how to use text messaging like the 900 numbers were used in the 90s (i.e. polls,info, etc)…any ideas anyone? I have a road side sign business where I was thinking of placing signs around town that read something like “who do you think should be president? or Do you think Clinton should be president text 41411? Or, how to get free gas…text 41411. Or, how make extra cash in 30 days…text 41411. What you all think about it?

Comment by Beth
2008-02-02 23:38:01

Your ideas would work with the textmarks service and you wouldn’t need to bother signing up the demo phones because you’d have actual legit customers subscribing to your monthly service.

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-03 00:41:15

When creating my keyword on TextMark my options are 1)Respond to a keyword with text from a web page 2)Help coordinate people (alerts, chat, etc.)…which do I use? Also, what are Respond to keyword with text message, Allow users to post/broadcast messages, and Auto-subscribe users on first request for keyword? Which do I choose?

Comment by Art
2008-02-04 05:31:02

Does anyone know how the payment works. You wait 60days but then is it monthly after that.?? Why do they need my social or tax ID?>? I woul dappreciate it. Thanks

Comment by Beth
2008-02-04 09:02:45

You wait 60 days for their first payment and then its monthly after that.

They need your social or tax ID to report your earnings to the IRS so that the government can tax this income. I believe that if you live outside the USA this is not required because you would be tax exempt.

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-04 15:56:20

When creating my keyword on TextMark my options are 1)Respond to a keyword with text from a web page 2)Help coordinate people (alerts, chat, etc.)…which do I use? Also, what are Respond to keyword with text message, Allow users to post/broadcast messages, and Auto-subscribe users on first request for keyword? Which do I choose?

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-05 03:44:09

I see that no one has responded to my last question that has sent three times now. Maybe someone can anwser the following…when I send a text message out to someone or a group of people for them to text 41411 and enter GETFREEGAS…will I be emailed if person (s) has accepted Y or N via email or thru my TextMark account. Is there a way to track who has accepted or declined my subscription so you have an idea of what will be earned after the 60 days? Can everyone send a text 41411 and enter GETFREEGAS for me please?

Comment by Beth
2008-02-05 06:24:37

It won’t email you. The only way to check the subscriber list on your account is to log into your TextMarks account and look at the subscriber list.

Comment by Nestea
2008-02-07 01:42:01

It’s been a while since you have posted this forum question and i love it, but i was just wondering how the business is running so far for any of you here? have you had any problems with the law enforcement yet lol? well i guess its all legal so u shouldnt of but u never know…what are some good products to sell? could you list some examples?

Comment by Beth
2008-02-10 00:51:39

Buh? Why would anyone have any problems with law enforcement? This is completely legal, its not like the police have any clue how these types of services work.

You can sell any type of information by text messages. Such as jokes, horoscopes, sports team picks, offers, etc.

Comment by Jerry Garcia
2008-02-09 19:22:25

Can anybody tell me of any companies that allow premium message billing without verification from the recipient?Thanx I`ve been spending a lot of time surfing for this info and have had no luck.

Comment by Beth
2008-02-10 00:49:13

I have spent hours searching for this as well and I could not find a free service that provides this without verification from the recipient.

There was one company but it was a UK only texting service and didn’t cover the United States.

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-10 01:49:40

Has anyone used the ClickaTell service to get subscribers?

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-10 01:50:59

What does this mean? Companies that allow premium message billing without verification from the recipient

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-10 01:52:16

Can everyone send a text 41411 and enter GETFREEGAS for me please?

Comment by Brandy
2010-02-10 19:03:31

You have got to be stupid or something. People that are here are trying to MAKE MONEY, not loose money. Get a Brain dude.

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-10 03:48:38

How does the TextMark know where to send your checks? Does it take 60 or 90 days initially to receive your first check? After the first check are checks sent monthly?

Comment by Beth
2008-02-11 19:13:56

Textmarks will either mail your check to the address that you provide to them or put the money into your paypal account if you provide that to them.

It takes 60 days for the first check and then they are sent monthly.

Comment by Gerald
2008-02-12 01:08:04

I got an email from some Brazilian dipshit at TextMarks named Ariel Poler. Who in the hell is this guy? He acts like textmarks is such a large company. This guy Ariel is the president and he emailed me, so I bet its a one man company if the president is sending out customer service emails.

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-12 22:04:16

Has anyone used the ClickaTell service to get subscribers? How can I check to see which method of payment I will receive from TextMark Paypal or by mail?

Comment by Beth
2008-02-13 23:37:13

No what is ClickaTell? Log into your TextMark account and either set the payment method to “PayPal” or “Check by Mail”.

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-14 01:28:15

ClickaTell is further up in this blog. It supposely a text blast service. Where do I go in my TextMark account to section a payment method?

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-17 14:53:31

This is my third request for assistance…Where do I go in my TextMark account to section a payment method?

Comment by Beth
2008-02-18 01:00:50

Log into your textmarks account and click on the payment section, if this does not work then contact textmarks support.

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-19 18:34:52

I am having a hard time getting approved thru TextMark…please assist

Comment by Beth
2008-02-20 01:36:43

What seems to be the problem? Just provide them with a valid email address and cell phone number and you should be good to go.

You can also contact their support and they can activate the account for you.

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-21 03:42:15

I have a campaign that is still pending. It has been pending for approx 3 or 4 days now. I would be selling a “how to…” program.

Comment by Beth
2008-02-21 06:45:26

Email textmarks support and ask Ariel Poler why he has not approved your account yet.

Textmarks is a one-man company so Ariel is the only one who can approve your textmarks account.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-21 16:22:18

Thanks Beth. Really…a one man show I didn’t know that.

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-21 03:44:41

Beth…please text GETFREEGAS to 41411

Comment by Beth
2008-02-21 06:46:11

Ok, I just sent this text message and signed up for the subscription service.

Comment by Brock
2008-02-21 13:47:16

Dariyun, you’re asking people to sign up for your GETFREEGAS and it’s charging them… Why not market people who aren’t trying to MAKE money from this article… not SPEND money.

Great article by the way!

Comment by Dariyun
2008-02-21 16:24:46

Yes, I plan on marketing to others. I was just doing a test run.

Comment by kevin
2008-02-28 04:03:13

This ariel guys keeps bugging me, asking me why I haven’t sent out any premium content. Any suggestions anyone?

Comment by Beth
2008-02-28 06:37:45

Ariel is the only fulltime employee at textmarks, he has too much time on his hands IMO. He owes me like $650 that he still has not paid me. Hopefully I will get that soon.

Send out some content. What is your keyword about? Just send out something to your subscribers anything is fine.

Comment by kevin
2008-02-28 17:53:23

that dickhead terminated my textmark. i think he’s trying to keep my 30% of the money… what a fucking joke.

Comment by Beth
2008-02-28 18:37:16

Why did he terminate your textmark? How many subscribers did you have?

I have around 800 subscribers and my account still appears to be active. I just have not been paid yet.

What reason did he give you for the termination?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by charles richardson
2008-02-29 15:26:43

what the best way to advertise and where should i advertise? everyone help me please.

Comment by kevin
2008-03-03 19:02:43

He terminated my textmark because I was not “sending out any premium content.” And I only have 91 subscribers! How’d u get your subscriber list so high? And do you send out any content? Has he ever emailed you? Man I’m pissed.

Comment by Rob
2008-03-25 01:57:08

Has anyone been paid yet? Still trying to see if this is worth the effort or just a scam by Ariel…

Comment by Beth
2008-04-01 18:05:34

I was paid $687 by Ariel last month via paypal so he does actually pay you for this. Hopefully I will also receive the $892 that he owes me this month.

There seems to be a 90 day delay with the payments, so last month I was actually paid for my December subscription base on this month I should be paid for my January subscription base.

It is worth the effort except its a pain in the ass to deal with Ariel who is critical of all the profitable textmarks and micromanages them like a hawk. He needs to be much less critical of the content being delived, because IMO he provides the billing service and the actual content delivered should be NONE OF HIS BUSINESS.

Comment by Samir
2008-06-18 22:12:08

This is for Beth.

It seems like you have usde this service for some time now. Would you recomend this service? Did you use the “spamming way,” and if you didn’t what would be some good advertising ways to get people to subscribe?

Comment by art
2008-06-28 03:13:54

hey you guys i’ve been reading on and am really interested! is it still working for you guys? are you still having problems with that guy paying yall?

Comment by andi
2008-08-09 18:49:37

Do you have to set up premium content or is this done when customers sign up?
where is the payment section?

Comment by ducky7
2008-10-02 03:16:31

so i have a question…i signed up at textmarks but i dont see where is et it up to charge….help please?

Comment by Beth
2008-10-02 20:03:11

You need to click on the section in the textmarks admin which says “Premium Text Message Service” it will allow you to set up a per-text charge or either $4.99 or $9.99 per month charge.

Comment by Agpoker13
2008-10-05 00:40:18

I also do not see this “Premium Text Message Service” option. The admin panel either does not have this, or you need to sign up for a monthly package instead of the free option.

Unless you need to have 1 or more customers already… I don’t see it either.

Comment by Deborah Downer
2008-10-26 04:52:23

Please send me information on how to start my own.

Comment by mat
2008-11-16 21:40:26

how do you monetize the textmark

Comment by mat
2008-11-17 06:59:58

Old post Yesterday at 04:58 PM Reply #1
Is the option of billing subscribers 4.99 or 9.99 only optional with the pro service? if not how do i monetize my text mark so it can generate income
TextMarks Support

Unread post Yesterday at 09:58 PM Reply #2
We no longer offer premium messages.


Comment by Ralph
2008-11-25 09:33:14

I can’t believe that Ariel Poler got rid of the Premium Text Messages, that was the bomb!

What a Brazilian Dipshit! How does he make money now?!? Dumbass.

I guess that Ariel is now Polling (like his name Poler indicates) and is sucking cock to get by… it totally figures!

Comment by Kelly
2008-11-25 00:02:48

I have a really great Idea if anyone wants to partner with me. I can’t seem to find any websites like textmarks that do this anymore though. Let me know.

Comment by micheal
2010-05-16 16:38:48

would love to partner with sm1 to start a new company like this

Comment by peassyaparl
2009-01-31 03:24:16

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Comment by Nikki
2009-03-03 22:45:24

I signed up for textmarks but I was not asked for anything besides my text mark code, how I wanted the messages sent & another question that I can’t remember. I am still a bit confused. How do I make so I can draw an income? There is also something in the service & terms about a charge of $10 for standard users & $100 for pro users. I am having a hard time understanding how it all works. Please help.

Comment by Beth
2009-03-04 05:17:13

You need to sign up for a premium textmarks account which will allow you to charge users either $4.99 or $9.99 per month to subscribe to your text messaging service.

Out of this $9.99 a month, you will get $3.33, the cell phone company will get $3.33, and textmarks will get $3.33.

Thus if you get 100 subscribers for $9.99 each, then you will make 1/3 which would be $333.00.

Comment by Rob
2009-05-07 18:25:04

beth do you still have a txt marks account set up if I set up a pro account is this considered a premium textmarks account that I can use to charge for premium text?

Comment by Beth
2009-05-08 17:49:30

I still have a textmarks account, but I switched to Clickatell.

Ariel Poler (TextMarks only employee) was calling my subscribers causing them to cancel, controlling the content that I sent out, and then he totally dropped Premium Text Messaging all together for no good reason. So they stopped charging and paying my subscriber base. This piece of shit Ariel Poler caused me to lose so much built up revenue. I was making him money too, but I guess he didn’t like that so he dropped charging people and that income is gone.

However, Clickatel is much better. They don’t bother you about your content, they don’t call up and harass your subscribers, and they are a real company not a one man show.

Go with Clickatel not Textmarks.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Nikki
2009-03-04 07:36:48

If I don’t get any subscribers will I still be charged per month?

Comment by Beth
2009-03-04 07:44:53

You are only charged a percentage of the money that you earn from the subscribers. Therefore if you do not have any subscribers, you will not be charged anything.

Comment by Enigma
2009-03-09 10:19:37

Ariel Poler micromanages all the textmarks ads way too closely for this concept to work on a really large scale. However, I have heard that people have made a couple hundred dollars a month doing this.

Comment by Ian
2009-03-09 17:06:34

What other companies besides offer a Free Text Messaging service where you can charge a per-month subscription fee?

Comment by Beth
2009-05-08 17:51:41

I would go with Clickatel. They are a real premium text messaging company. Unlike textmarks which is just a single guy running a website.

Comment by mike v. hollyday
2009-05-08 17:57:44

need info/ very interestedin becoming a part of thist texting business

Comment by Carla Sewell
2009-05-25 17:32:50

I went to the Clickatell website and if you don’t have at least 500 INBOUND messages a month from your keyword, then they won’t pay you. You forfeit your money to Clickatell. So if you don’t have 500 people responding to the texts you send out to your subscriber list, you don’t make any money and Clickatell keeps it all. That’s not just the initial “yes, I want to subscribe”. They have to respond or text your keyword every month.

Comment by =]
2009-06-10 02:02:23

Do you think it would be possible to set up multiple textmarks and make like 5 subscriptions per demo phone?

Comment by Alex
2009-10-11 18:56:01

Hi Beth. If you could contact me at I would be VERY greatfull!

I have searched for a week straight now, and cannot find a premium texting website! Textmarks AND Clickatell don’t do premium texting anymore! I am so frustrated! I was so excited, and then that just shot me down.

Are there any other websites?


Comment by breatheeasy
2010-01-23 18:52:43

I cannot seem to set the premium billing to either $4.99 or $9.99. Cannot find an option for it. Will I still receive a payment?

Comment by tyler
2010-01-24 01:13:22

no, you need to set up premium sms billing and then specify the amount you are charging per month before you will receive payment.

Comment by Brandy
2010-02-11 00:53:47

Can’t go to cell phone stores and use their phones because their using fake models to show, instead of the real thing now. This awsome idea is a bust now.

Comment by Andrew
2010-02-11 02:57:14

This definitely works. Find a cell phone store with real floor models that actually work and that you can use to make calls.

Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, Apple, and Cingular use real demo phones which can actually be used to make calls.

T-mobile, Best Buy, and Radioshack use fake phones.

This trick works, I have already made $215.00 this month alone.

Comment by ak
2010-02-11 06:41:33

What gateway service did you use?

Comment by danta
2010-08-04 20:29:24

I was wondering those these companies still exist and if so how can I set up with them to get started.

Comment by michaelg
2010-03-25 04:42:08

does this premium texting idea still work? which companies offer this service nowadays?

Comment by Beth
2010-03-25 06:29:52

Yes, I make around $15,000 a month from my own premium text message service which sells ringtones, has contests, and other offers. I charge like $4.99 per subscriber and get $2.99 back after the $1 taken by the phone carrier and the $1 taken by the gateway service.

I use Clickatel which is good if you can produce in high volume.

Textmarks was good for small time services, but their employee, Ariel Poler, would monitor all the services like a hawk, drop your subscribers and drop your service if he didn’t approve of what you were doing. He got fed up with monitoring everyone and no approving of anything that he decided to drop the premuium textmarks and now does it for free. I guess he doesn’t like money and didn’t like the 33% that I brought to him.

Anyway, Clickatel is the way to go. If you can drive high volume you will make bank and they take only a small percentage along with an equal cut for the cell phone company.

Comment by michael g
2010-03-29 03:42:27

thanx so much for this info beth. does clickatel have a set fee they charge a month or some sorta start up fee or is it purely charged based on the volume of texts? im sorry for the hassle im just new to this idea and would like to get in on it..please walk me thru how to start off exactly…do i call them, visit there website etc..thanx so much beth ur awesome!

Comment by Beth
2010-03-29 18:37:04

For me clickatel charges per text message, but if you only have a low volume they will charge you a set fee until you reach a certain volume. It’s cheaper to be charge a percentage of each text if you can get your subscriber volume high enough.

Go to their website and email them if you have any questions.

Comment by michael g
2010-04-04 05:42:22

how do u get people to text u beth? do u do the thing with the demo fones in cellphone stores? do u have any other ideas on how to get people to subscribe?

Comment by Beth
2010-04-05 06:48:00

The demo store method works, but I get most of my subscribers off of ads that I run online.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by micheal
2010-05-16 17:04:42

Beth please email me about a business idea with this.

Comment by donald
2010-05-17 00:21:46

don’t do it beth! i think this one is a cop!

Comment by Matt
2010-10-18 20:00:05

Do you have an email?

Comment by danta
2010-07-31 19:37:17

hi, I was really interested in trying this, but when I went to clickatell website I couldn’t figure out hiw to set it up, can someone please tell me how so I can set me an account up. Thank you and I hope to hear from someone very soon!!!

Comment by jack
2010-08-07 23:56:00

I really like this idea but some of you must be like 10 year old kids. How many times do you have to ask the same stupid question? Why dont you start reading the comments from the begginning and then you will not have to annoy beth and the others that seem to keep saying , THIS definately works!!! Seems to me that that this idea could and obviously does work when you are dealing with a legitimate company other than, ariel’s fly by night, one bedroom apt in KAZASTAN or wherever. Honestly, I dont believe there is an ariel. I think it may be Beth or someone else who religiously promotes both textmarks and clickatel. Just read all that is above my reply. Nothing but questions, complaints, dissapearing money, first its textmarks, then clickatell, he owes me 800 bucks, then beth said she made 15 thousand a month later at clickatell with a whole different ringtone business. Only reason I know this type of business can make millions is because the young idiots on this site all watch American Idol and text whatever it is for there favorite singer and verizon or whoever is raking it in. It also helps when 15 million people watch the show once or twice a week. I would just do a little more research if I was some of these newcomers before you jump into something that only Beth can seem to figure out all of the answer to.

Comment by Beth
2010-08-08 18:40:32

Ariel Poler does exist. Google him or go here:

I am not affiliated with Clickatel or Textmarks. I just do the trick above to make money on my own.

Comment by Matt
2010-10-18 20:03:19

How do I talk to you Beth.

2010-11-03 06:39:26

Anyway, Clickatel is the way to go. If you can drive high volume you wholesale chinese mobile phones will make bank and they take only a small percentage along with an equal cut for the cell phone company.

Comment by ERIC
2010-11-11 03:27:51

could anyone turn this into an mlm for me?….any computer geeks out there that could do this?…would be intrested to know…

Comment by FredBeans
2011-01-02 05:51:43

I can’t barely read this article the website is so terribly put together, promoting advertisements first and formeost.

What a crock of crap!

Comment by americanmobi
2011-05-04 05:35:11

Hi, we are intrested in working with your company, please send info. Thanks.

Comment by EL
2011-12-05 14:10:50

Is this textmark company still valid? or should I find some other company?

Comment by SR
2012-04-28 13:37:09

I’m pretty sure this is illegal. Besides, usually the demo phones are protected to scams. Also, it’s not the providers fault you get billed, those are actually third party payments and you probably entered your phone number somewhere.

2013-09-14 22:28:26

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2014-09-02 06:51:24

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